The Best Muffin Contest

I entered a muffin contest. As you know, my muffin as all of my recipes will be different, beneficial to health and delicious. You won’t feel guilty enjoying this because it is naturally lower in calories and is heart healthy. For me to win, I must have comments of how wonderful and healthful this muffin is. Please send your raving reviews to Thank you so much.


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Lasagna is a delicious comfort food but all that cheese inside and on top can clog arteries. My lasagna will keep arteries clean. I will make my “cheese” from tofu. Will let you know how it came out.

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Lynn Journal

I am writing a column called “Healthy Eating” in the Lynn Journal. You can find me on I have written 3 recipes so far. The first recipe is in this week’s paper. The recipe is “Fat Free Plain and Fancy Cheesecake” on page 8. The recipe to come out next week is for “Plain and Fancy Teacake”. This cake was a winner on the “Cut the Calories Contest” on the Good Morning America show. Because I change ingredients to make my recipes healthy, the recipes are naturally lower in calories. The 3rd recipe will be Gazpacho, a nice cold summer soup that refreshes. It’s great for this heat wave.

I need suggestions for the recipe to follow Gazpacho. Any recommendations?

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See me cook

Click on my YouTube channel: See excerpts of 12 of my cooking shows. All the recipes on my shows are in the cookbook.

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Extremely easy decoration

Something Healthy to Eat was not the first choice for the title of my book. Plain and Fancy was the original title. Here is an example of how I decorated my cake for the 4th of July. Everyone was so impressed but it’s extremely easy and you can do it.

I made my Banana Bread, when cool I spread Fat Free Frosting over the top and sides (fat free cream cheese, powdered sugar and coconut extract) . Both recipes are in my book. Then I marked lines representing a flag with a knife. I placed blueberries cut in half for the stars and slivers of strawberries for the stripes. Great success, took no time, easy, delicious and dramatic.

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Unusual menu for 4th of July

I am serving a Jewish antipasto for the 4th. Lox, onions, cukes, tomatoes, fat free cream cheese, fat free hard cheese and Tofurky slices. My guests will choose one or more of the above to make hot bagel sandwiches.

For dessert, a 9 by 13 Banana Cake with Fat Free Cream Cheese frosting, blueberries and strawberries to create stars and stripes for the American flag cake.

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Enjoying your cookbook

This was a note from my friend Esther Mulroy.

Hank and Faigie,

I am writing you just a quick note to let you know how much I am enjoying your cookbook..

I made the pancakes this week using the egg whites and oil and added blueberries to some and they were great..and I did not have the heavy feeling one does after eating pancakes with butter and all the egg.  Also it was interesting to mix the egg whites with the baking soda first..there was some kind of chemical reaction going on.  It was healthy for all those in my family with high cholesterol. I am going to try the pancakes with orange juice next.

Aso I have made the cakes..the chocolate bundt the chocolate chip cake and the vanilla cake..all were delicious. My 3 sons birthdays were in May, June and July so they each got a cake..Now that I have found how delicious they are I will try to make them more for my husband and I for desserts..And it is good to know that you are feeding people well.

it is really a great cook book that you made.

Love, Esther

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